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Commodore User

By Rabbit
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Commodore User #11


The full assault-and-battery course in 3.5K is a tall order; nevertheless all the features are here.

Fuel dumps are tucked away in the rocky terrain and there are interceptor rockets aplenty to avoid or zap in the first section. The subterranean sector is really in two parts: the first being spacious with bouncing spiders to dodge, though it is easier to shoot them; suddenly the cavern becomes narrower and more tortuous with stalactites posing problems. Homing fireballs greet your return above ground followed by more rockets which crowd the city blocks. Then it's just a matter of negotiating the city-maze and landing at home base. Of course it takes quite a few goes to get anywhere near the terminus.

I found the colour combinations not to my taste, but the sonics leave no doubt that this is a strafing run.