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Skeleton Krew
By Core
Amiga CD32

Published in Amiga Power #48

Skeleton Krew

You know CDs, right? Well, forgive me if I'm being stupid here, but isn't the whole point of using CDs to make better games? (And I don't just mean 'better' in the sense of a couple of extra levels, an intro sequence and some music.) If it is, then I wish people would get on and do it.

The reason for all this moaning is Skeleton Krew. I reviewed the disk version in the last issue, and then a couple of weeks later this CD release lands on my desk. And it's practically identical, apart from a bit of music. Not even an animated intro.

But the real pain in the neck is the control system. The disk game has a handy feature whereby, if you've got a two-button joypad, you can lock your weapon to point in one direction while walking in another.

With the CD32 version you don't have that luxury. You can hold down two buttons at the same time to achieve a similar effect, but it's all very fiddly and you end up locking in the wrong direction and having to rotate back or forward to get in the right position, and then if you press the other button you switch weapons and then you have to switch back... it's so confusing and slow.

So strangely, the CD version of Skeleton Krew is even worse than the already-terribly- tedious disk version, and by a significant margin.

The Bottom Line

Thanks to the deletion of a couple of control methods, the game has become even more frustrating and dull than it was last month. And that's inexcusable.

Paul Mellerick

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