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Commodore User

By Beyond
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #19


Beyond's latest game Shadowfire is described as a text adventure without text. Instead of typing in a normal adventure command such as get, east, west or whatever, you simply move an on-screen cursor to an icon which represents the required action. Press Fire - and the command is implemented.

Without doubt a novel new way of playing an adventure. I am sure we will see this technique used a lot more in the future.

But what about the game itself? The plot is impressive enough. You have to get six tough heroes aboard an alien spacecraft. Their aim is to rescue a kidnapped ambassador from the inter-galactic dictator - General Zoff.

Characterisation of the individual characters is better than on any other game I have seen.

Beyond are not saying how the characters have to work together to free the ambassador but clearly a team effort is required.

Shadowfire creates a total atmosphere that gamers can lose themselves in - the essence of a good adventure. The revolutionary icon gameplay technique is the icing on the cake.