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Seaside Special
By Taskset
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #18

Seaside Special

Computer games are being increasingly used for political propaganda. We've had Bruce Carver having a go at the Russians, feminists putting the case against sexism, and now Taskset pitch in to defend the environment with the long-awaited Seaside Special.

The idea of the game is to collect as much radioactive seaweed as possible, take it to Number Ten, and toss it at the 'Polytikians' who appear at the windows. The faces bear an uncanny resemblance to certain members of the Cabinet.

It's tough collecting that seaweed from the beach. You have to dodge the crabs, avoid being shot by the mutant, and watch out for the tide of contaminated water sweeping in and out. If you let the radiation level go into the red you'll drop dead. When you make it to Downing Street you have to score five direct hits to finish off a "Polytikian".

The game was programmed by Greenpeace supporter Tony Gibson, with graphics by Mark Harrison. Mr. Gibson is considering making a donation to the environmental pressure group from his Seaside Special royalties.

Whatever your views on the environment you will have to admit this is a hellishly addictive game with superb graphics.