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By Firebird
Commodore 16

Published in Commodore User #34


If you find yourself in the unfortuate position of having to actually consider this, take a look at the screenshots on the cassette pack. No-one can accuse Firebird of being misleading, it's all there. Sparse screens with boring looking yellow platforms connected by ladders, my my, how original. And there in the centre of this minimalist landscape, our hero.

At the top of the screen there are three keys and three vents. The vents occasionally chuck out a boulder or a 'mutant pod' - not that I could spot the difference. The pods, or boulders whizz down the platforms and you lose a life should one hit you. You must make your way to be top of the screen and collect the three keys, before losing all your lives to the cascading boulders.

To help you in this moderately difficult task you have the faithful old jetpack. A burst on the joystick button sends you a giddy centimetre into the air. You have limited fuel so it's a good idea not to get carried away with your new toy.

When you've collected all three keys, you get a bonus and a crack at the next screen - wow. There are three basic problems with the game. First, it's too simple, second the graphics are boring, third, there's not a single original thing about it.

It's hard to imagine how a £2 game could be so poor as to be not worth the money, but this kind of thing truly depresses me. Kevin Moughtin, the author, obviously has the programming skills to produce something reasonably good, but Rubber has about as much originality as a Bernard Manning joke, and is as much fun.

Ken McMahon

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