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Putting My Toshiba To Productive Use

Published in Personal Computer News #099

Putting My Toshiba To Productive Use

Q. I have recently acquired a Toshiba HX-10 computer. I am not a games fanatic and do not wish to spend all of my time playing games but would like to do something more productive with my computer. Could you please give me some suggestions as to what use I can put my Toshiba? I am extremely new to computing and would obviously need instructions.

S. Clark
Ely, Cambs

A. Since you are obviously very new to computers then our first suggestion is learn more about the machine that you have got.

First you should learn Basic. Once you have mastered this programming language then you should be able to write your own programs without too much bother.

If you aren't into games, then what about writing a program to store all of your friends names and addresses? You could even put their birthdays into your computer and ask it to print out a list of forthcoming birthdays.

There are numerous other programs that you could write; they are only limited by your imagination and ability.

One book that should help you on your way is The Complete MSX Programmers Guide from Melbourne House. Parts of this book will be too advanced for you at the moment but as you learn more it should become an invaluable reference.

S. Clark