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Roland Goes Digging
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #6

Roland Goes Digging

Although quite simple in concept, Roland Goes Digging proved both absorbing and addictive. So much so, in fact, that our tame granny, aged 72, has been caught "zapping" into the wee small hours. Loading the program could hardly be simpler, and there are playing instructions on screen once the program has loaded.

A choice of joystick or keyboard control is offered, and personally I found the keyboard more satisfactory, although the children and granny preferred the joystick.

The choice of keys designated for up, down, left and right movement was, to me, questionable, but there is an option within the playing instructions to allow the user to choose which keys he prefers. Somewhat confusingly, we are advised that only alpha-numeric keys may be used - but I am pleased to say that the cursor key group does the job very nicely.

The game? Briefly, the intrepid Roland has got himself a job clearing a building site of unwanted aliens and you must help him earn his bonus. You have to move Roland, complete with shovel, from floor to floor, digging holes to trap the aliens and then bury them while avoiding getting caught by the same said aliens.

The graphics used are clear and colourful, the animation smooth and the expressions of the angry, escaped aliens hilarious. Even the musical accompaniment to this game is nicely done. If, however, like me, you find the music a little repetitious, it can be turned off without losing the other sound effects. All in all, Roland Goes Digging is an amusing and enjoyable game of snakes and ladders where the snakes bite!