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Published in Amiga Power #13


Hit Squad games are a bit like pebbles on a beach. Hunt around for long enough and you'll come across plenty of really nice, shiny ones, with pretty speckly bits in, such as Batman The Movie or Voyager. Pick up a handful at random, however, and the chances are you'll get landed with some real turkeys.

Like, er, Robocop. It dates from Ocean's unfortunate 'crap film licence' period, during which virtually every film game they produced was based on three criteria: a bloke with a gun walking from left to right shooting baddies; no discrenbible resemblance to the film in question; and very little else. (Apart from a couple of dull linking scenes between levels, perhaps.)

It hasn't even been terribly well written. You'd expect some moody Robocopesque graphics and 'twenty seconds to comply' samples at least, but instead everything feels very flat and amateurish, and exudes an overpowering odour of wasted potential. Put the money towards a copy of Robocop 3. I should.

The Bottom Line

It might look dangerously tempting, but don't do it! It's boring, more than anything else, and certainly nothing like the Robocop film I watched.

Jonathan Davies

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