Amstrad Computer User

Renegade III
By The Hit Squad
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Computer User #83

Renegade III

If you've played any of the Renegade blasts, you'll know how to defend yourself oriental style, with your Ninja artistry. However, if you haven't played Renegade III, you won't know what's hit you when you get past the credit screen.

The evil forces from the future have kidnapped your girl again, but this time they've taken her back through time to Prehistoric Ages.

Battling against the clock at all times, your job is to travel backwards and forwards through time, taking on the very hostile natives of the medieval era, Ancient Egypt and battling against dragons, dinosaurs and the living dead, in your quest to rescue your beloved.

Renegade III: The Final Chapter

Ok, so the plot is a little farfetched, but the gameplay is totally gripping. If you don't manage to complete a level within the time limit, you'll get stuck there, so don't hang about.

Basically, just hit the ground and come up punching and kicking if you want to succeed.

The soundtrack is superb and, if you're into the old Ninja skills, this one should be right up your street.

Jim Johnson

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