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Red Heat
By The Hit Squad
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #6

Red Heat

This is one of the oddest movie licences ever, consisting as it does of utterly banal Kung Fu Master-style beat-'em-up gameplay, a ludicrously thin screen (to go with the plot and the gameplay, I suppose), one of the most hilariously crap bits of computer animation ever (watch the Jim Belushi character explain the objective between levels), execrable design (invisible dangers a-go-go), crap sub-games, misleading instructions, duff controls, and a lack of depth that's so total you almost have to believe that it's some kind of political statement.

On reflection, I decided to go with the cover blurb on this one. "The heat is on"... "The hottest film tie-in to date"... "Feel the heat - Red Heat..." it all said one thing. So I chucked it in the bin and set it on fire.

The Bottom Line

For the sake of balance, I was going to put a list of all the redeeming features here. But there aren't any.

Stuart Campbell

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