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Working With dBase II
By Granada

Published in Personal Computer News #068

Working With dBase II aims to make Ashton Tate's powerful database management packages more accessible both to outright beginners and existing users. The book is in three parts; there are no diagrams, but there are many examples of dBase "programs" and files. The margins are sprinkled with key words in a screen outline, which makes it easy to browse.

Part one begins at the beginning, and describes what a database is, how to design file structures, enter and list data, make indices and so on. Part two covers advanced techniques such as inserting, deleting, replacing and editing records as well as joining data files and copying file structures. The final part is devoted to programs written in the command language, explaining how to format output on the screen and printer, create menus for selecting the various routines in your program, use dBase's macro and numeric facilities, etc. This section justifiably occupies more than half the book, and, like the rest, is well-written with many examples.

The four appendices list dBase program files, briefly deal with using word processing packages such as Wordstar to edit dBase command and format files, and a comprehensive index adds to the attractions.

Working With dBase II would be a boon to first time users.

Bryan Skinner