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The Times Book Of Computer Puzzles And Games
By Sidgwick & Jackson
European Machines

Published in Personal Computer News #084

Two titles - for Commodore 64 and Spectrum - although most of the programs are the same. Even by computer book prices this is a little steep - presumably to pay for the prestige of The Times and the publishers, relative newcomers to the computer field.

The games are a little on the thin side, most of the programs being computerised versions of those puzzles that litter the pages of Christmas annuals and the like. You know the sort of stuff - break the code, get the sheep and the chicken and the dog across the river, how long would it take half a man to dig four holes?

If you have that perverse turn of mind that enjoys this sort of stuff, or you're tired of saving the universe, slaying the dragon and digging your way out of that mine, you just might enjoy this.

On the other hand, £6.95 will buy a cracking good new program.

Peter Worlock