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The Memotech MTX Program Book
By Phoenix

Published in Personal Computer News #091

Books of programs are a boom industry of the decade so why should Memotech owners be left out? This one is as good as most and better than many on the market.

There are 23 listings here, most of them games but there are a few good practical routines too. Some are time-honoured favourites, including versions of Lunar Lander, Star Trek, Missile Command and a couple of long adventures. In the utility section are a sprite designer and a machine code screen dump driver for printing graphics screens.

That's the good side; the bad includes a few makeweights such as Dice and Biorhythms. The book also loses points for failing to explain any of the techniques used, so if you want to advance your own programming abilities you're on your own.

However, even if you want only some of the prorgams on offer it looks like value for money.

Peter Worlock