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The Aquarius Program Book
By Phoenix

Published in Personal Computer News #042

The Aquarius Program Book

Most software currently available for the Aquarius is relatively costly, so the 45 programs in this book, costing just 11p each, would be a cheap alternative.

The listings, though designed for the machine's small memory of 4K, cover a range of arcade games such as Bombers and Asteroids, and the equally common Hangman, Noughts and Crosses, etc.

There are a few art-type programs, one of which displays abstract art and one of which allows you to 'paint'. Utilities such as a binary to decimal (and vice-versa) converter, and a screen routines section are also provided.

With more thought some of the games could have been improved. Number, for instance, could have been as a basis for teaching a binary search. In this game, the computer picks a number and you have to guess what it is. Since it doesn't count the number of guesses you won't discover you can always do it in 7.

Apart from minor irritations this book has a lot to offer, though it can be patronising. e.g.: "This program is only effective as far back as January 1st 1753, which was when the calendar changed to its present form. Of course, you knew that, didn't you?".

Piers Letcher