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Programming With Graphics
By Granada
Spectrum 48K

Published in Personal Computer News #003

If you enjoy programming the chances are that at some stage you will want to try your hand at graphics.

Garry Marshall's book would be a useful starting point. Avoiding complex mathematics, he steers the reader through the pitfalls and advantages of the different forms of graphics available on micros.

The book, unlike many on this subject, is machine independent. This may cause confusion at first as the Basic syntax used could be different from that on your machine.

However, the approach has its merits as it enables a full description to be given of block, pixel and line graphics in a clear and concise way.

Anyone thinking of buying a micro will find the appendix particularly helpful as it describes the features of the leading machines and their graphics capabilities.

The book really comes into its own with its discussion on how to draw lines, curves and shapes. The text is illustrated with examples and strengthened by the inclusion of Basic subroutines, which will make graphics programming easier.

Some micro users will find the treatment of advanced subjects like three-dimensional graphics and animation somewhat cursory. They should not be too surprised as the book has no pretensions to being anything other than an introductory text.

Ralph Bancroft