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Computer Bluff
By Quartermaine
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Personal Computer News #001

Computer Bluff

Computer Bluff is a must for anyone confused by computer terminology, after you've read it, you too will distinguish between the facts and the bluff.

Battling with jargon, hardware, software, peripherals and know-alls all at once is more than the average learner can take, and this book should act as a welcome tranquilliser.

It takes you from computer history to basic programming and has a truly magic 'grilling guide' at the end. This is designed to stop eager salespeople flogging you equipment you don't need.

All the relevant bits and pieces are explained in simple English - a sure relief to any newcomer suffering from mental indigestion. The various languages are covered, as are the main categories of computer: mainframe, mini and micro. The buyers' guide is also excellent and while it cannot cover all the models available, it tells you what to watch for when buying a machine.

A glossary of terms and phrases is also included, and all in all, Computer Bluff is well worth the money.

Wendie Pearson