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Animation, Games & Sound For The Vic 20
By Prentice-Hall International
Commodore Vic 20

Published in Personal Computer News #084

Prentice Hall does it again - another one for the glass-fronted bookcase. You certainly wouldn't want to use this book... you might spill coffee on it, or get a page created and at nearly 15 quid you'd be upset, wouldn't you?

Pity because it's a great book with loads of example programs, helpful diagrams and a clearly written, chatty text. If you dared risk a thumbprint on page 137 you'd find a complete example of a space game covering features like random motion, keyboard control and animation.

Open it to page 177 (careful!) and you find an amusing routine of a dancing figure.

Yes, it's all good stuff. But never mind - there are lots of good, cheap books on the Vic.

Peter Worlock