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20 Games For The Oric-1
By Micro Press
Oric (Generic)

Published in Personal Computer News #042

20 Games For The Oric-1

This comparatively low cost book offers 20 well presented and good programs. At the start of each is a witty drawing followed by a brief explanation of what the program does and how to play it. Next come program notes which detail how the program is constructed and how it works, and a list of important variables used in the program. This is followed by the listing itself.

This arrangement makes it possible for the reader to learn about the program before dealing with the code, which on its own might be confusing.

The book's introduction explains some points that the manual misses, and though this clarifies a number of problems the Oric user may have quite early on, it does give the impression of being instantly technical, and possibly daunting.

The games are a mixture of old favourites such as Caterpillars, Asteroids, the shoot-'em-down type, old not so favourites like Sheepdog Trial, and new ideas. One odd one, the Artificial Intelligence Program, is a Noughts and Crosses game played on a four-by-four cube (actually four squares) but with little artificial intelligence.

Piers Letcher