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Oric Owners Should Stop Complaining

Published in Personal Computer News #084

Oric Owners Should Stop Complaining

How sad that Matthew Hisbeit (issue 81) feels that the future of his Oric rests on software support. Perhaps the French are not stupid as John Miles thinks. Perhaps they, like me, welcome a machine that has the potential of the Oric and encourages the user to think and experiment with programming.

I would not deny that the Oric 1 has its shortcomings, but rather than wallow in that British habit of moaning and doing nothing, I have found great personal satisfaction in exploiting the strengths of the machine. The result? I have a stock of programs that I have developed for myself. I am not a passive software-dependent user, but an active and learning programmer.

If I had wanted a games machine, I would have spent far less on something designed for just that. Instead I bought a computer that I can use and that is developing my knowledge and abilities. I do not depend on software support and the future of my Oric depends only on my own need to develop beyond its capabilities.

Perhaps if other Oric owners bought some good books (and there are plenty around for the Oric), took some action instead of waiting for everything to fall in their laps and applied their minds, they would be less inclined to whine about wasted investment.

Martin Baker
London W3

Sounds like you and your Oric were made for each other - Ed

Martin Bolter