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Enterprise Wins Unlucky Label

Published in Personal Computer News #105

Enterprise Wins Unlucky Label

After following the progress of the Enterprise since its initial announcement, I am nominating Enterprise Computers as the most unlucky up-and-coming computer company ever.

Many things have contributed to a year-long delay: name changes rendering early advertising useless; the custom graphics chip which was very difficult to debug; and just when distribution had started, more problems.

The new distributors are Zappo Computers (??!!). A friendly Zappo lady, in a burst of helpfulness, offered to send me an Enterprise in three days, on receipt of a cheque. What worries me is that Enterprise has not yet launched an advertising campaign, even though the machine is in the hands of the distributors - this caution may lead to low sales.

Zappo can be contacted on 05432-57817. They will probably be able to tell you where you can buy an Enterprise.

Andrew Ballingall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

How much of the Enterprise saga was bad luck, and how much was blundering, is open to question. However, advertising has now started. Of more concern is the number of software houses working on Enterprise material - Ed.

Bryan Skinner & Andrew Ballingall