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Amstrad Computer User

By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #4

Pyjamarama (page 17)

Wally has fallen asleep and finds himself in a nightmare where everything appears to be larger than life. In order to wake him up you must find the alarm clock and wind it up. Sounds easy, doesn't it? However, many objects are required to achieve this task and just when you think that you are getting somewhere, you find that you haven't got the right key for the next door.

Just to make life even more difficult, Wally has a limited amount of 'snooze energy' which decreases each time he clumsily bumps into something or even more clumsily lets something bump into him - remember Wally really is a wally! All is not lost however, since Wally's energy can be replenished by consuming any of the items of food scattered throughout the house.

But beware, losing Wally's snooze energy three times results in the end of the game. Throughout the game you will find that parts of the nightmare repeat themselves, repeat themselves.... and the order in which you must collect and use the objects becomes most confusing, if you manage to sort it all out then let us know at Amsoft how you did it!

I particularly liked the clear graphics, however better colours could have been chosen but I suppose a certain amount of artist's licence is allowed since after all, it is Wally's dream world.... Look out for the boxing glove and the mysterious hand which appears from the floor!!

A catchy tune accompanies the demonstration mode of the game which fortunately switches itself off when the game starts, since after a while, the continuous noise gets rather tedious, although in desperation you could always turn down the volume control on the CPC 464!

Definitely a game worth considering if only to admire the graphics and the touch of humour which surrounds the game.