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By Mirage
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #17


Things About Prophecy Which Aren't Exactly The Same As Super Wonder Boy, The Two Year Old Activision Game:

1. The name 2. The speed (Super Wonder Boy was faster) 3. The graphics (Super Wonder Boy was cuter) 4. The sound (Super Wonder Boy had more than three different effects)

Things About Prophecy Which Are Exactly The Same As Super Wonder Boy, The Two Year Old Activision Game:

1. The gameplay 2. The control 3. Everything else 4. The gameplay again

I wouldn't say that this was the most total and absolute rip-off of another game I've seen since Oops Up's "tribute" to Pang, but the only reason I wouldn't say it is that I'd probably get sued and I can't afford the legal costs. Then again, this is Amiga Power, so I can't actually lie to you either. What a dilemma. [Great cars, them Dilemmas - Ed]

On reflection, I think the best thing would be if I was to say that this is very very like Super Wonder Boy indeed in pretty much every way imaginable, but not nearly as good, and that you'd be much better advised to search out a nice cheap bargain-bin copy of that game instead of spending £26 on this. Yep, they couldn't touch me for that.

The Bottom Line

Appallingly blatant rip-off of a two-year-old game, except not nearly as good. Even Kid Gloves 2 was better than this (and more original). Oh yeah, and music or sound effects?

Stuart Campbell

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