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Prof Looks At Words/Prof Makes Sentences
By Prisma
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #19

Prof Looks At Words/Prof Makes Sentences

Do the professor's second and third helpings measure up to the first? David Jones dons his cap and tie and tries to make some sentences...

Prisma released Prof Plays A New Game last Spring and are now releasing parts two and three. Part two, Prof Looks At Words, uses the same platform-game format employed in part one. You direct the Prof around using the arrow keys, searching for letters to complete words. There are five games here: finding beginning letters, ending letters, missing vowels, double letters and combinations of vowels. The words used are those introduced in part one, and in the five books in that package. Prisma suggest this package can be used on its own but this is not recommended.

"Finish a Sentence" and "Make a Sentence" make up part three, Prof Makes Sentences. The phases of the games correspond to the books in part one. You can play either "easy" or "hard" for each phase. Again, you direct the Prof using the arrow keys to pick up answers but eventually you can enter answers using the keyboard.

In "Finish a Sentence", your ST begins by highlighting one word in a short sentence shown on the blackboard. You select that word from a group of three at the bottom of the screen. This is repeated for other sentences, each with different words highlighted.

The sequence is again repeated but words previously highlighted are missing. As the game progresses, the number of words in each sentence increase. In "Make a Sentence" the format is the same except that you make sentences by unjumbling sequences of words. There are animated scenes which reward players for completing certain problems. One of these, for example, shows whizzing cars.

Prof Looks At Words and Prof Makes Sentences have 17 and 20 levels of play respectively. Both of these long-awaited packages help children progress from the basic skills covered by Prof Plays A New Game. Prisma claim their 'Play And Read' series will, eventually form a "comprehensive reading tutor" - and there's no reason to doubt their statement. The package is recommended.

David Jones

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