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Premier Manager 3 Editor
By Gremlin
Amiga 500/600/1200

Published in Amiga Power #48

Premier Manager 3 Editor

Premier Manager 3 Editor. It's an editor. For Premier Manager 3. That lets you edit. Everything. You want superstars in your team? You can have 'em. You want Arsenal to play in the Conference? You can (evil chuckle) make them. You want to turn Vinny Jones into a cissy? Easy. You want a ground like the Neu Camp in Barcelona? Well actually the editor only lets you have up to a 99,999 capacity, but that's not bad.

Ah, but I'm not supposed to just tell you what it does, am I? I'm supposed to responsibly cast a critical eye over it. So what am I going to say?

I know... back in Amiga Power 44 I said in my extraordinary, compelling and erudite review of Premier Manager 3: "it's a bit hard". And, well, it is. So now, with the new editor it's easy - you just make all your players into multi-million pound stars, fire up the game and away you go, winning everything in sight. Except that ironically you don't. I must be some kind of a crap manager 'cos I got Ian Wright to play for Bath City, made all my players superstars and still had no success getting out of the Vauxhall Conference. I couldn't even get Ian to score a goal for me.

Anyway, I digress. Albeit charmingly. After Cam's feature last issue drawing parallels between people who use cheats in games and the cheering, leering *thrice damned hordes of Satan* you would imagine, correctly, that Amiga Power rather disapproves of cheats. PM3 Editor is essentially a glorified cheat for the game and therefore not the kind of thing we approve of. However, there is a good reason to buy it and that is to keep your players up to date. No football game on Earth can hope to keep pace with all the action of the transfer market, but Gremlin have done a good thing and given us a tool with which to keep all our information current, thereby eliminating the need for data disk purchases in the future.

And between you and me, while Cam's busy on the phone, it can be fun to cheat a little bit. That player you always thought was vastly under-rated? Not any more. He's a star. That team you despise? All their players are suddenly crap. Bath City? European Champions mate.

The Bottom Line

Cheating's not good (although it can be fun), but never having to buy an update for a footy manny game is. Good, that is.

Steve Faragher

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