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Predator 2
By Image Works
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #81

Get your holiday booked, the Predator is coming to town.

Predator 2

If you have seen the movie, then you will know just what kind of a menace you are up against here. Hitch up your ammo belt, clip in your rounds and get ready, cos this ain't gonna be no picnic.

As a shoot-'em-up with a difference. Predator 2 is an excellent movie licence that'll have you on the edge of your seat from the word "GO"! Set in futuristic Los Angeles, where the streets are torn by gang warfare and the control of the drug barons, you play Detective Lieutenant Mike Harrigan, a man with a big problem.

Not only have you got your everyday punks to deal with, but now you've also got a deadly alien hunter to contend with.

Predator 2

Set over four extremely different levels, you're task is, firstly, to take out some drug runners on your way to their HQ. There, you have to apprehend the leader for questioning.

Then it's off to the drug lord's apartment, where some gruesome killings leave a clue to the Predator's presence. Following some leads down into the subways, you're next objective is to track the Predator to his lair, in the abbatoir, for the final showdown.

Following closely the movie plot, you view the scenarios through Harrigan's eyes, with an on-screen cursor as your gun sights, and an image of your character in the foreground.

Predator 2

As you blast your way through each level, be careful not to blow away innocent bystanders. Do that, and your police shield energy will ebb away, getting you thrown off the force.

There are various power-ups to be had, so keep a close eye on proceedings to ensure you don't run out of ammo. At some stages during the game, you may also notice some small triangular sightings moving around the screen. These are the Predator's sights as he selects his next victim.

Be sure, at all times, to avoid direct conflict with the Predator, until you track him to his lair.

Utilising some very clever graphic effects and some neat, atmospheric music, Predator 2 is an absolute gem of a blast. There's more than enough variety to keep you hooked, while the gameplay itself is balanced enough, not too hard, not too easy, to keep you coming back for more if you happen to get written off.

If you like your action hard and fast, you could do far worse than get hold of this little offering. It is certainly well worth having a bash at; and should become a valued addition to your game collection.

Chris Knight

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