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Predator 2
By Arena Entertainment
Sega Master System (EU Version)

Published in Sega Master Force #3

Another movie monster romp, this time through levels of high action but low lastability - it's too easy for true shoot-'em-up fans, except for the horribly difficult final section.

Predator 2

Anyone who's seen the films knows that the vicious but noble Predator warriors first fought Arnie in a jungle then appeared in the streets of Los Angeles, attacking drug pushers. Here you're a cop, Mike Harrigan, rescuing innocent bystanders, confiscating drugs and shooting predators. The trouble is, a Predator's also seeking out the hostages...

While you're searching and saving, pick up pistols, grenades and machine guns. These powerful weapons help you blast a path through the motley crew of street punks and weaken end-of-level guardians.

Blues, blacks and oranges give the graphics a brilliantly seedy mood, perfect for the game, but the level layouts are awkward. It's difficult to keep track of the small, samey sprites and the confusion's increased by having to watch for the Predator's gunsights.

Probably the best thing about the cart is the Predator himself, who makes a grand appearance at the end of each level. Sound-wise, it's a bit of a wash-out. The FX are naff - there's the odd groan and explosion but nothing stunning.

Although the basic game design's the same as Alien 3, Predator 2's bland gameplay and poor presentation make it the inferior product.