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Amstrad Computer User

By Capcom
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #76

Five barnstorming Capcom conversions on one disk? You'd better believe it!


In the high-action, non-stop playability stakes, you'll be hard put to beat a compilation of this quality.

All established names and classics in their own right, here they are for your delectation one more time, and why not?

Black Tiger

First off, there's Black Tiger, which has you fighting against the oppressive rule of the three evil dragons. As you take on the likes of Audrey II and III, the well-known man-eating plants, you'll need to keep a good account of your Zenny coins.

Collect as many as you can from dead opponents and chests to buy valuable armoury and potions from the poor guys you release from their frozen prisons.

With Block Heads, Goblins, Mummies and Spinning Skulls standing in your way, Black Tiger is a challenge well worth taking up, even if the colours tend to be a tad plain.

Forgotten Worlds

Moving on to Forgotten Worlds, it's Emporor Bios, the God of Destruction, who's causing chaos all around. Take on his minions in the Dust World that forms the aftermath of the coming of his eight evil sons, before moving on to their heavily armoured fortress below his kingdom in the sky.

Using excellent graphics and smooth eight-way scrolling, watch as your hero flies across the screen. Just be careful when you fire, as you could find yourself spinning in circles and rupturing the dangerous gas pipes. Very dangerous.

LED Storm

In the bonus LED Storm blast, put your pedal to the metal in your souped up mean machine and take on the computer in a non-stop race against death between fictional cities.

Use the jump option to avoid painful collisions, pick up as much energy as you can by running over the jerry cans and make sure you avoid the little froggies who want to slow you up.

To be fair, the gameplay is a little basic, but seeing as it's a bonus game for us CPC freaks, who's complaining?


The fourth offering is the excellent spy blast, Strider, which has you infiltrating the Red Army to bring out secrets vital to the defence of the West.

The scenario may be a tad dated by now, but the gameplay and graphics are superb, with some excellent animation taking you through Red Square and Siberia into the deep, dark dangers of the lowlands. Not to be missed.

Ghouls 'N Ghosts

Last, but by no means least, is a game that has become a firm favourite with a great many people: Ghouls 'N Ghosts. You should know the scenario by now but, for the few who don't, all you need to do is go out and rescue Princess Hus. Sound simple? It ain't!


I would recommend any compilation that featured this classic beat-'em-up, but considering the quality of the other offerings in this collection. I for one would be very surprised if Platinum didn't outsell its stocks very, very quickly. Make sure you get in quick to get hold of yours.

Chris Knight

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