Pinball Arcade

Author: Robert Barnes
Publisher: Kansas City Systems
Machine: BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #18

Pinball Arcade

Pinball Arcade is an excellent new game from Kansas who have recently turned from producing software solely for the American Tandy TRS80 computer to producing programs for the Beeb. With Pinball, the screen displays a faithful representation of a pinball machine. You have control over two flippers, which move just like the real thing. Colour is used to good effect, although it is a pity that the ball is white, as it can sometimes be difficult to see.

The feature of the program that makes it so good is the facility to create your own design of pinball machine. There are six screen pages of shapes which can be placed anywhere on the board, and the layout can be saved to cassette for later use. The game has a lot of facilities, which unlike many other games, are not just gimmicky. The game is very fast, with such clever features as a ball that actually changes speed, just as with a real pinball machine.

This is a game which I am sure most people of any age will like. Mike Chalk, who wrote this program, has produced a winner. Pinball is highly recommended, even at its relatively high price.

Robert Barnes

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