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PGA Tour Golf Course Disk
By Electronic Arts
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #11

PGA Tour Golf Course Disk

Reviewed by one of our more naturally talented, entertaining, witty, intellectual and good looking reviewers back in issue one (erm, well actually it was me), the original PGA Tour Golf was concluded to be "probably the best golfing game to date". Its user-friendly menus and control system were a verifiable delight, its graphics were a treat and, all in all, it was rather scrumptiously playable to boot.

"Hip, hip hooray," we said as we reviewed it. "Hip, hip, hurrah," you replied as you skipped briefly over the review then went out and bought it. "Hip, hip, hurrah," thought Electronic Arts as they raken it in as PGA stormed into the charts. "Why don't we release some more courses?"

Whether there will be quite so much hipping, hurrahing and groups of enthusiasts doing the Hokey Cokey over what we have here remains to be seen. Technically speaking, all you're really getting are three new real life tournament courses - Southwind, Eagle Trace and Scottsdale - for yer money. Although the 42 holes are slightly more tricky than before, there is little new here to hold the attention of anyone who's irretrievably bored of PGA Tour already.

There are no new features to see, no new control methods to try out and basically nothing more than you'd really come to expect to find on a data disk. In some ways data disks are a bit of a con when you think about it, but then again, you don't have to buy them, do you?

Still, if you are bored of the courses given in the original PGA (but not of the game) and fancy a bit more, feel free to buy this product. If, on the other hand, you are bored of the game as a whole then may I suggest a totally different one - MicroProse Golf, say - to quench your golfing thirst instead. I may? Oh good.

The Bottom Line

Three new courses for probably the best golfing game ever. You'll know immediately if you want it, in which case you'll have great fun.

Rich Pelley

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