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Perseus And Andromeda
By Channel 8
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #11

Perseus And Andromeda

This Adventure places you in the turbulent times of Ancient Greece. You are Perseus, commanded by King Polydectes to search out and decapitate Medusa, the fearsome Gorgon, then to rescue the fair maiden Andromeda.

Never one to disagree with a King, you wander about what seems at first a rather limited setting. Eventually however your horizons broaden; and with care you won't be crossing the river Styx too often!

There is some assistance to be had from the Gods as you flit from one location to the next, encountering some of the creatures to be found in Greek mythology - most of them hostile. "The Gods will cut out your tongue!" threatens one of them.

As with all the "Mysterious Adventures" from Channel 8, the top half of the screen can give either a brief description of your location, or a reasonably well-drawn picture. The bottom half handles the questions and answers. The two-word input, however, can sometimes leave you with the frustrating search for the exact vocabulary.