Commodore User


Publisher: Activision
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #19


The Pastfinders are an elite corps of space explorers who travel the galaxies in the distant future.

As you travel the strange futuristic planets, a map on a second screen gradually unfolds. Various artifacts must be picked up and deposited in the correct place as you seek to discover the strange mysteries of the past.

Control of the craft takes a bit of getting used to. It leaps off the ground and bursts forward at considerable speed.


The instructions for Pastfinder are a little vague. But this is not too much of a problem as the whole thing has the flavour of an adventure about it anyway.

This game has some very impressive graphics: three dimensional spinning and rotating objects with accurate shadows.

An above average game that fails to reach Ghostbusters standards, and doesn't really break any new ground and is a little pricey at £9.95.