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By Atlantis
Commodore 16/Plus 4

Published in Commodore User #32


Panik is a bargain basement platform and ladders game. Cheap software is all very well and good but these days people want quality as well and Panik is a bit short on that.

You are a chubby little character with a red flat cap. The idea is to smash the monsters who share your platform - over the head with a large shovel - conveniently placed in your hand.

First of all, you dig a hole for the unsuspecting nasties. Once they fall into it, you have just a few seconds to whack them on the head with your shovel to finish them off.

If you are not quick enough, the monsters turn into what look like white sacks. Now you are in trouble because, to finish these off you need to knock them through the platform and make them fall through two levels to kill them.

If you fall again then the sack turns into a green, long-legged monster which takes three levels to be killed. This is where things really get difficult because whilst you are trying to kill the monsters, your oxygen supply is running out. What do you do? Panic - well, that's the name of the game. As you progress from level to level some monsters have already turned into sacks and long-legged monsters - thoughtful of them, isn't it?

The game is really not too bad, but when you finish a level, the next level is virtually the same. A bit disappointing after all that hard work. What a pity that Atlantis didn't put a bit more time and effort into producing what could have been a fast and addictive game.

If you are really desperate for a version of Panik for your C16 then this will just about fit the bill. If you are simply on the lookout for a decent levels and ladders game then look elsewhere - check out Tom Thumb for example.

James Pickering

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