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ST Format

OutRun Europa
By U. S. Gold
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #29

OutRun Europa

OutRun - the game that didn't launch a thousand imitators. Except this one. Why do a sequel? US Gold obviously thought it was a good idea.

The game can be described in two words: fast racing. On each level you're in control of a high-powered vehicle and have to get to the end of the stage before your time runs out. There are loads of obstacles and tight corners in your way - crashing or losing control loses you time. You can pick up speed-boost tokens, and other vehicles try to hit you. That's it. That's what you paid your £26 for.

The graphics aren't completely abysmal but they're far from being state-of-the-art. The track jerks rather than moves smoothly, and, while the roadside buildings are quite detailed, they don't move convincingly enough to fool the eye. Sound is, frankly, pathetic. You get the choice between a horrible sound chip concoction or effects. Unfortunately, there aren't any - there's no engine noise, anyway, just a ridiculous squeak which is supposed to resemble a skidding noise.


Great things weren't expected of OutRun Europa, and USG have certainly come up with the goods: there's nothing great here at all. There are worse racers, but there are also better ones - look at Vroom (page 78) to see how it should be done. OutRun Europa doesn't deserve a first look, let alone a second. A waste of time.

In Brief

  1. Almost any other racing game is better than this - except OutRun itself.
  2. Vroom has faster and more detailed graphics, tougher gameplay, more to do and longer lasting interest.
  3. US Gold's own Super Monaco GP is a better bet than this for playability.
  4. Effects are almost non-existent. Again, see Vroom for real meaty effects.

Ed Ricketts

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