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Memotech - Picking Up Where The Manual Leaves Off Part 2

Published in Personal Computer News #047

Memo Completed

To round off Keith Hook's guide to Memotech programming, here are the diagrams we promised

The two tables presented here are an extension to Keith Hook's introductory article on programming the Memotech, which we published last week.

The Memotech offers three display modes which will handle text, sprites or more complex graphics screens, and therefore it's worthwhile spending a little time getting to know them.

Memotech Screen Relationships - Graphic Mode 2

Diagram 1 shows how mode 2 operates. As there are only 256 character codes available at any one time, the Memotech splits the pattern generator table into three sections of 2048 bytes, so the 256 character names are each used three times.

Memotech Table Interaction

Table interaction is illustrated by diagram 2. Once you can put together the various effects possible with the Memotech's screen modes, you'll see how they can be used together in programs to obtain some very startling effects.

If you missed the first part of the article, back issues are available from the PCN Back Issues Service, 53,55 Frith Street, London W1A 2HG.

Keith Hook