Commodore User

Orpheus In The Underworld

Publisher: The Power House
Machine: Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #16

Orpheus In The Underworld

This is Pitfall, but with Egyptian decor and a Hellenic Hero. "Can-Can" is the dominant tune, as you would of course expect from the title, but two other jingles provide some variation.

The 120 screens are littered with various combinations of hazards garnered from the following: pits, boulders (rolling or stationary), floor traps, white birds, poisonous green plants, moving saws and the essential magic vanishing holes. Below ground there is a continuous barrage of fireballs. Each subterranean screen is the equivalent of two on the surface.

Skills required are accurate well-timed leaping with hopping and ducking, equally essential adeptness at rope-swinging doesn't go amiss either. By taking advantage of the CHEAT keys it is possible to scroll your way through all the screens without losing a life, admiring the hieroglypics and motifs as you grab the point-giving goodies. A good, colourful version of a well defined game.