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Olympic Skier
By Mr. Chip
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #11

Olympic Skier

Great fun when played by a bevy of equally incompetent novices as there is plenty of scope for ridiculing pathetic performances. The apres ski will certainly consist of hoots of derision duly prompted by the program's assessment of bungling beginners' score-lines.

The BBC's winter sports theme preludes the three-part test. Section one is a slalom run, with the mandatory timer; part two is a ski-jump, a welcome change; and the last is an obstacle course, weaving between fir trees with logs and rocks to jump over. There is a helicopter standing by to ferry casualties to the elastoplast shop also adding a splash of welcome colour.

Considering the limited scope, the graphics are fine; the sonics are mainly varying degrees of white noise relating to your speed.