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Olli And Lissa
By Firebird
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #43

Olli And Lissa

Amongst the barren heights and rugged rocks of the Scottish Highlands stands Shilmore Castle, the home of Sir Humphrey the ghost. The castle is under threat of being sold and Olli and Lissa must help save it from a grave end.

To do so Olli, our intrepid hero, must collect eight ingredients, scattered throughout eight different screens of increasing difficulty. All this must be done to help form a potion to enable Sir Humphrey to become invisible and save the day.

The game begins at stage one with Olli getting his first instruction from Humphrey to collect an ingredient to put into the pot. This appears as a picture in a speech bubble above Humphey's head. Olli must then collect this ingredient before his energy level at the bottom of the screen decreases to zero.

With either joystick or keys, you must help our hero to pick up and take the ingredient back to the pot as quickly as possible as your remaining energy will be added to your score.

Logically, you find the second ingredient at the second stage. As before, collect it and take it back to the pot in the first stage.

Pesky ghouls add to your troubles. Wand-wagging wizards, Pacman-like ghosts, and three-legged invaders all try to stop you from your ghostbusting quest.

As you continue through the game, the screens get predictably more difficult, making it that much tougher to bring back an ingredient to the pot before the time runs out.

Hugs and kisses from your loved one Lissa will be awarded to you after every successful run - there's an incentive! As with true love, you get nothing for failure - nothing but a blow on the head from Sir Humph.

aS for the end of the game, the screen is plastered with a giant "Congratulations" and Humphrey does a crazy disappearing and re-appearing dance to a zany tune.

The idea of the game is fairly original although it does depend too heavily on the ladders and platform theme. The graphics are pretty neat with some nicely animated features. I found the game fairly easy and I reckon that it would not be much of a challenge to experienced game players. So it will probably appeal more to the younger gamer.

Firebird is a company that tends to produce a mixture of good and bad cheapo games. Olli And Lissa, in this case, happens to be one of the goodies.

Eric Headley

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