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North And South
By Infogrames
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #82

American civil war action like you've never seen it before.

North And South

"The last year (1882) has seen the South gaining victory after victory. But Lee knows that in the long run the North's industrial might will vanquish at last. He needs a decisive victory." And as a mere corporal (sic) in strategic charge of the battle-hardened Yankee army, it's your job to stop him!

The first, most important task, is to capture the Confederate fort in Iowa. It's the change-over point for the railroad 'gold run', from Pennsylvania in the east to Texas in the south. If you capture this fort, it will stop Johnny Reb re-equipping his fast-expanding army. Purposefully, you march a battalion across the Illinois state line.

General Lee has left the fort lightly defended. You enter and are immediately attacked by a guard and his mangy hound dog. Skilfully you bound up a ladder onto the roof. But there is no escape. Another guard attacks you and, with a quick flick of the wrist, you account for him. Your throwing knife hits him in the midriff and he falls to the ground - stone, cold dead. For what seems like an eternity you run the gauntlet, avoiding carefully laid explosives, guards and a pack of pit-bull terriers. But you make it and - to the sound of bugles - raise the Union flag.

Meanwhile, in the south your best equipped battalion enters North Carolina. All hell breaks loose. You fight a desperate battle on horse and foot, but it's the might of your cannons that secure a vital victory. An army of European reinforcements arrive by ship to bolster your depleted army. It's been a good start to the year and your campaign is looking good.

North And South (based on the comic, Les Tuniques Bleues) is another super strategy game from Infogrames. The objective is to win the war against slavery. The Confederate army, led by General Lee, stands in your way.

Strategic gameplay takes place on a large map of (most) of the USA. You are given a number of battalions and must occupy as many southern states as possible. Naturally, combat between rival armies is unavoidable. When you enter a state already secured by Rebels, a special battle screen replaces the map. You then have to fight like hell! Usually the better equipped army wins, but the odds can be upset by determined and exceptional joystick dexterity. Under your control are cavalry, infantry and cannon. Wipe out all the enemy's battalions and you've won the war!

There are three special 'action' screens (as well as the map and options screen) and the third is a 'rehearsal' for the Great Train Robbery. Board the train at the rear and jump from carriage to carriage until you reach the loco. Overcome the driver, bring the train to a halt and the gold bullion is yours.

Absorbing gameplay, great pics, good sonics, a two-player option and a wry sense of humour all help make North And South one of the best-ever strategy games. Get it!

Vic Barnes

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