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Ninja Remix
By System 3
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Computer User #74

Ninja Remix

Test out your Nanchukus as Last Ninja II gets a revamp.

Hands up who remembers that masterpiece of Oriental artistry Last Ninja II? I wouldn't mind betting there's a fair few of you out there who do, because games of that quality have a tendency to hang around on your all time fave plays list.

Anyway, those that do remember it, be prepared for an absolute knockout with this updated version of the classic and those that don't? Well, you're in for a real treat too.

Ninja Remix

Switch on the machine and run the game and the first thing you'll notice is a totally new opening sequence. Yes, this is your CPC you're looking at and yes, the fully animated sequence is brilliant.

There you are, sitting amongst your fellow Ninjitsu in ancient Japan, the candles flickering in the background, when suddenly, the force hits you, dragging you forward in time to present clay New York, to take on your eternal adversary, the evil Kanitoki. With the actual gameplay of the original being of such a high standard, the programmers at System 3 have had the foresight not to tamper too much with it, leaving the storyline pretty much as it was.

Starting off on the bandstand of New York's Central Park, your mission is to work your way through seven deadly levels of oriental mayhem in varied locations throughout the city, on your way to Kanitoki's secret hideaway.

Ninja Remix

Basically, you'll need to utilise everything you can lay your bands on to beat off the bad guys, whilst picking up keys and other objects strewn around to make your way to the final showdown.

Controlling your character took some getting used to in the original game, but by implementing an excellent new dual joystick option, you can choose which option suits you best in combat.

Another enhancement is the total overhaul of your status panel, giving a full colour frame within a frame aspect which greatly enlivens your viewing area. If you are unfortunate enough to lose a life, you also get a nicely animated sequence displaying your remaining lives.

Throughout the game, new music and sound effects also give the action a much more lively feel, while improvements to movements give your character a very true to fife walking and running action, without the usual impression of sliding.

All in all, Ninja Remix is a perfect example of making a good game even better. The improvements, without detracting from the original scenario and excellentgraphics, combine to produce a superb new product that is value for money even if you have got Last Ninja II. If you haven't got the original, then the Remix is an absolute must, if only for the stunning opening sequence which probably forms a first on the CPC and should well start a trend.

Chris Knight

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