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Night Walker
By Microclassic
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #43

Night Walker

Remember a game called The Chess Game, that was a computer version of the chess player's nightmare? Now it's back as Night Walker with the change in name bringing a dramatic reduction in price.

For those who missed its rave reviews the first time round, the game features your attempts to take pawns from one side of a giant chessboard to the other. That doesn't sound too complicated but it can get really tricky. The board is surrounded by a hostile crowd that are likely to add a punch to their boos and jeers by hurling rocks at you. Add to that, a different chess piece determined to stomp on you at each level and deadly red squares to sap your lives and you've got a game that will drive you back for more and more.

Your first opponent is a knight that jumps around in its familiar L-shaped move. As you begin to ferry your dreaded red! Survive that and you have to face a king (surrounded by red squares), a rook and then the queen.

If you think that lot was easy then try the next levels, when you have to face a combination of two or more pieces!

The graphics and animation are in a word, superb, although the colours are inevitably bland. Particularly the crowd and our night-capped hero who shuffles across the board.

It's good to see this reduced in price but it's about £1 to expensive to qualify as a budget game and will have problems getting into the price banded shop shelves. Buy it if you can find it but you'll probably have to hunt around a bit.

Tony Hetherington

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