By Robico
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in Beebug #50


Like the unstoppable hero of their own adventures, Robico have produced the third part of their Rick Hanson adventure trilogy. This game takes place deep in a South American jungle which is crawling with spiders, alligators and trigger-happy cocaine smugglers. As with Robico's former games, there are innumerable locations and objects, plus acres of wittily written text to amuse and confuse. As a mark of its sophistication, the game correctly anticipates many of your wrong solutions and leads you a merry dance before breaking the bad news that you are once again up that creek! In Myorem, the problems, if not the solutions, are usually clear, allowing you to see the wood amongst the jungle palms. Wisely, however, Robico does not hide its telephone number, as they expect and welcome your call for help.

I confess that I did require some assistance in the early stages of the game, but once off and running, I managed finally to crawl victorious to bed in the early hours - and I have the hard-boiled eyes to prove it! This in itself is proof of the game's appeal, as I confess that second rate adventures no longer last long around the Dungeon. After staring at The Price Of Magik from Level 9 for three brain-numbing evenings, I realised that I'd spent more enjoyable nights chatting to the Troll! Tossing that game into the far corner of the cave, I put the dragon out and went thankfully to bed.

Myorem is built around the novel theme that all the action is taking place in flashback, and should your concentration waver for a moment then you will return to a very unhappy present situation! As Dr. Johnson once remarked, "Nothing concentrates the mind of a man more than the knowledge that he is to be hanged in the morning!"

The game has what appears to be two mazes, but thankfully they are solved by methods other than mapping. One clue I will let slip - SEARCH is a word Robico loves.

Myorem is certainly back up to the standard we have come to expect from Robico and it certainly deserves a place in your library. It may confuse but it won't bore.


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