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Mr. Do!
By Datasoft
Atari 400/800/600XL/800XL/130XE

Published in Atari User #2

Mr. Do!

All is peaceful in the garden. In this US Gold offering, Mr. Do is going about his normal business harvesting the cherries when from behind a toadstool a hideous beastie suddenly rears its ugly head.

Can our hero outrun it? Will this year's cherry harvest be in ruins? Will Mr. Do end up caught by the gremlins? You move Mr. Do around the garden in an attempt to collect all the cherries. As you move through the long grass you clear a path behind you.

The gremlins, bless 'em, appear at regular intervals from a central toadstool, and normally travel along the clear pathways in hot pursuit.

You can outrun them for a while but when things get tough, and believe me they will, you can always send your crystal ball zig-zagging along the pathway in an effort to dispose of them.

Scattered around the garden are several large apples, and by clearing a path underneath them you can make them drop, hopefully onto any meanie that you've managed to entice underneath.

If your luck's anything like mine you'll finish up squashed more often than the meanie.

If you're feeling brave you can always try an all out assault on the central toadstool to gain extra points.

This is an extremely addictive game, great fun to play, and is a must for the repertoire of any serious arcade addict.

Paul Hewitt