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New TUG Builds Up Steam

Published in Personal Computer News #053

New TUG Builds Up Steam

Tangerine users left high and dry by the battle over the Tangerine User Group (Issue 52) could be thrown a lifebelt. Colin Nowell, ex-director of the Group, is trying to set up a new alternative body covering both Tangerine and Oric.

At the moment the group is only at the planning stage, but Mr. Nowell reckons that setting up the Tangerine group is feasible, and that the Oric group will go ahead if he hears from at least 500 interested Oric owners. He has approached Oric Products International about the latter idea and says he has been given a qualified approval, though Oric is unlikely to give the group concrete support before it actually takes off.

Mr. Nowell's group intends to market a number of programs which were previously sold by Kenema Associates. Kenema's managing director is Bob Green of the Oric Owners' User Group, with whom Mr. Nowell is in dispute.

Anyone wishing to help form a new Oric group should contact Mr. Nowell at 18 Portishead Road, Worle, Weston-Super-Mare, Avon BS22 0VX.

Peter Worlock