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CBM Twins

Published in Personal Computer News #053

CBM Twins

Commodore has at last clarified the position on its new micros - the 264 and 364 released at Las Vegas.

Despite rumouts of the machines' withdrawal in the wake of a management shake-up at Commodore, production of both models will begin in May and Commodore expects the UK launch to be in June.

Kelly Sumner, sales support co-ordinator said: "We're going ahead with both these models, which will be made in Corby, and you can expect small quantities of the finished product to come out in May."

These micros are expected to be in the £300 range.

The 264, also known as the Ted, has expansion ports, cursor control keys, comes with free software and is aimed at the small business.

The 264 should be kitted out with CP/M, either inbuilt or on cartridge to fit in with Commodore's general plans.

Wendie Pearson