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Basingstoke Boost For QL Disks

Published in Personal Computer News #099

Basingstoke Boost For QL Disks

The steady trickle of QL disk drives we've been seeing over the past few months looks like building up a flood.

Micro Peripherals (Basingstoke 473232) has announced a 720K 3.5in disk drive, while Medic Data Systems (Basingstoke - odd coincidence that - 475244) was scheduled to show a 1Mb 5.25in system at last Saturday's ZX Microfair.

Of the two the MDS sounds the more interesting. The system consists of interface with built-in Centronics port and 64K memory plus one drive, and costs £249.95, while a twin drive system will cost £399.95.

MDS also offers a slightly confusing number of extras, including modem, 512K memory expansion and ROM expansion. More details on these after we've pinned them down at the Microfair.

The Micro Peripherals system will support up to four drives, and the basic system of interface and single drive costs £331. Extra drives cost £183 apiece.

These two systems join disk units from Quest and CST in the QL accessories line. Any users disenchanted with Microdrives may now find themselves spoilt for choice.