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Moby Dick
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #7

Moby Dick

A jolly nautical jaunt which I found most intriguing - in fact, far more enjoyable than the scenario suggested. A white ship is patrolling the seas; and by judiciously releasing depth charges, under your adept guidance, the shi is attempting to deplete an inexhaustible supply of submarines. In the first phase (it's too obvious to say 'wave') they do not retaliate: but later they'll reply with floating mines and tracking missiles.

Meanwhile the itinerant Moby Dick must not be harmed by a careless salvo, or a green ship will steam in and ram you.

A further complication hovers overhead, dropping bombs. If you hit the helicopter the only decent thing to do is to catch the pilot before he splashes into the drink, scoring extra points into the bargain.

Sound effects are spot on.

Well worth adding to your collection - I'd suggest this program will provide hours of fun to most C64 owners as it is not too frantic. Recommended without reservation.