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Mission A.D.
By Odin
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #36

Mission A.D.

"As the door slammed shut behind him," says the blurb, "agent IY turned... he was trapped, this mission had always smelled a little funny..."

You are heroic Agent IY - he of the humour-sencing nasal passages. You are some kind of hitman and, by a quirk of nature, have been transpoted through time to a strange world where robots try to kill you.

This world, though strange, consists of buildings and districts which bear a certain resemblance to those you would expect to find in any normal city. Hence, there is a library, office, statue park, cathedral, greenhouse, dockland, nightclub and pipeworks.

You will find yourself transported to any one of these areas at random via a sort of transporter booth. Immediately robots and people in spacesuits rush towards you, blasting away without so much as an 'enjoy your lead sandwich'. Only one thing for it, and that is to get them before they get you. Each time you are hit, the energy meter depletes; when it's empty it's all over for Agent IY.

When the robots in the immediate vicinity of the transporter booth have been wasted, you can start to explore. There are areas to the left and right, as well as other levels which can be accessed by lifts. Or you can always get back in the booth and go to another building. The districts are not of gargantuan proportions - about twenty screens or so. All the same, it's easy to lose your way back to the transporter, so a little man in the bottom right corner helps you keep your bearings.

The object of the game is to hunt down and kill five harmless-looking men in tracksuits and blow them to pieces, for which you get bonus points. After playing the game for an hour or so, I got that 'surely there must be more to it than this' feeling, but, regrettably, there wasn't.

So, there you have it, a bit of a disappointment really. The graphics are excellent. The nightclub really looks like a nightclub. Well, not the places I go to [You're so whacky Ken - Ed] but how you'd expect a nightclub to look. There's even a rooftop garden. But it takes more than pretty pixels to impress this reviewer.

Ken McMahon

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