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By Postern
Acorn Electron

Published in Personal Computer News #058


You are a penguin who must survive the rampaging penguin eaters and move around a maze gathering points by kicking blocks out of the way. The yellow penguin eaters chase you, but they can be stopped by kicking one block into another and then into them.

The other way to avoid disaster is to merely clear the maze. This moves the game up a level and gives the player bonus points.

Loading takes a long time as there are three parts. The first program has the display, instructions and set-up for the game, while the second part is the main game.

Warning: the Electron version is noticeably slower than the BBC one.

In play, you are faced with a maze two thirds filled with solid blocks. Penguin sets off, only to find some of the blocks hatch into penguin eaters.

Kicking a block once cracks it, twice destroys it. If a block is kicked into the oncoming enemy it stops him. The penguin eaters also eat the blocks as they come across them. As play progresses, each level becomes harder and more fun to play.

Apart from the Electron version's slowness, Pengwyn is a winner and a must for your collection.

Geof Wheelwright