Personal Computer News

Crossword Puzzler
By Microtrust
BBC Model B

Published in Personal Computer News #059

Crossword Puzzler contains two programs for crossword generation and crossword playing. The package is aimed at all age groups, and can be used by teachers for educational purposes or by more avid crossword fans to generate and execute their own.

Supplied with the two main programs are four data files, an easy child's puzzle, a modified version of the first-ever crossword published in 1913, an easy adult's puzzle and a puzzle originally published in the Cambridge Evening News.

When loaded, the screen prompts for a filename and after finding the file displays a screen squared and numbered like a printed crossword. First select a number, then A or D and you are given the clue and asked if you wish to have the answer. If no, you are prompted to type in the answer. On return your answer is put in the squares on screen. If correct the answer appears in CAPS, if incorrect the letters you failed on are displayed in lower case. You can carry on having as many goes as you like until you get it right.

Side two of the cassette is a must for the real crossword buff. The crossword generation program leaves you to work out the clues and answers. First you must work out your plan on paper using a maximum of 15 x 13 format. The maximum number of clues is 60.

After the title page the computer responds with a series of questions for which you supply the appropriate answers. The manual uses one of the puzzles provided on cassette as your yardstick and shows how to compile the puzzle from scratch.

I can envisage a sort of crossword user club sending crosswords to each other in the post.

Geof Wheelwright

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