By Firebird
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #39


Another budget-price release from Firebird, this time in their 'Super Silver' range at £3.00 each. As always, the instructions, packaging, loading graphics and multipart tune are of a very professional standard. The game involves flying around the screen with a jet-pack, carrying sections of ladder from the top to add to various other sections around the screen. Your aim is to make all the ladder sections into five complete ladders.

As well as this, an eye must be kept on the condition of the plants which you must feed with nutrients from time to time. Unfortunately, you can only do this if you have kept the mutant insects at a low enough level. In later screens, as well as the changing screen layouts, additional hazards are thrown in, such as spiders that appear and descend from the top of the screen.

This game is great value for money. I enjoyed playing it and found it very challenging without being frustrating. The number of things that need to be watched really keeps you on your toes. The standard of budget software is certainly rising.